KFX 2017 Guests


Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow, known best for being the voice of Goku on Dragonball Z, has had many roles, both animated and onscreen. This talented Vancouver-based actor has also had major roles in Inuyasha, Lego Star Wars, Ninjago, Stargate, Death Note, Gundam and Transformers. An experienced and fan-favourite voice actor, he is a veteran of the convention circuit and we are excited to have him at the Kelowna Fan Xpo for the first time!




Brian Drummond

Brian Drummond~Most well-known for his role as Vegeta, Yajirobe, and Vegito in the Ocean Studios English dub of the anime series Dragon Ball Z, Drummond tends to be cast as either an impassive warrior (Andrew Waltfeld), or a kind-hearted father-figure (Reverend Malchio). Lately, he has also played the role of the cowardly Yuna Roma Seiran in Mobile Suit Gundam as well as Ryuk in Death Note. He has landed prominent roles in various anime such as Renkotsu in InuYasha, and Gundam Wing as Zechs Merquise. Brian has also appeared in Da Vinci’s Inquest in minor background roles. Other current endeavors include My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Ninjago, and Iron Man: Armed Adventures.


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Lee Tockar

Lee Tockar is a true fan favorite because of his hyper, bubbly, and seriously whacky personality. He is incredibly generous with his time and energy at conventions and charity events. Possessing an impressive resume of voice roles, Tockar can be seen performing the roles of Dr. Frogg in League of Super Evil, Snips in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Bling Bling Boy, The General and Speed McCool in Johnny Test,adding to an already incredible list of iconic characters in shows such as Beast Wars, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Dragon Booster, Pucca and Eon Kid. Among his shows presently in development, Lee has landed the part of Pronto the Magnificent in the upcoming Disney/Nerd Corps’ co-production entitled, SlugterraCurrently, in addition to all his voice roles, Tockar is working on an exciting project called FanBuilt (, which will bring together fans, animators, and voice actors in exciting collaboration and fun! Lee was recently nominated for both an Emmy Award as well as a Leo Award for his work in Slugterra.

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Aleks Paunovic

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Aleks Paunovic knew from an early age that he was destined to tell stories; whether it was with his fists as an amateur boxing champion, with his instrument as a musician, or in the truest form of storytelling: acting.

A skilled athlete with razor sharp focus– not to mention a descendent of three champion boxers– it’s no surprise that he acquired his first taste of success in the boxing ring.   That drive and determination coupled with his love of living on the edge led to a successful career as a stunt actor.  Though Paunovic was gifted in his physical abilities he was also a man of the arts, and exercised his love for music as a member of a rock band—where he was “discovered” while performing on stage.  It was there where he was asked to audition for the HBO movie “Heads,” and as fate would have it he landed his first acting role and set forth to take Hollywood by storm.

Portraying a myriad of roles on both screens big and small, Paunovic has brought forth his unique skill set and chameleon like talent to transform himself into each character he plays.  Whether it is a developmentally disabled man accused of murder in “Personal Effects” (opposite Kathy Bates, Ashton Kutcher, and Michelle Pfeiffer), or as an overzealous karate dad opposite Tom Hardy in “This Means War,” Paunovic truly takes each role to a new level further conditioning and developing his craft.

Paunovic’s other credits to date include the film “Numb,” for which he won the UBCP/ACTRA Best Actor Award as the highly anticipated “War for the Planet of the Apes” due out in July of 2017.  Additionally, he has starred in numerous television series such as: “Motive,” “Supernatural,” “Continuum,” “iZombie,” “The 100,” “Once Upon a Time,” and “Smallville,” among many others.

Currently he stars as the the no nonsense vampire “Julius” in Syfy’s new series “Van Helsing” which premieres September 23rd of this this year.

Paunovic resides in Vancouver and Los Angeles.



Laura Bilgeri

Laura Bilgeri is a young actress based in Los Angeles. Bilgeri began her acting career when she was 14 years old. She made her feature film debut in the film “A Breath Of Heaven”, which won the Golden Rooster Award for best foreign film. Then she appeared in the popular German/Austrian TV Series Vienna Crime Squad. Laura gained international attention when she got a role in the 2014 World War I Drama “The Silent Mountain” along side film icon Claudia Cardinale (“Once Upon a Time in the West”) and British actor William Moseley (“The Chronicles Of Narnia”, “Royals”) She also co-stared alongside Emmy Award winning actress Pamela Adlon in the new FX series “Better Things”, directed by Louis C.K. Besides she’s been working as a model in the US, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland & China. Bilgeri was also featured in the new US wide Mazda Commercial, produced by Ridley Scott & directed by Jake Scott.



Jedidiah Goodacre

Jedidiah Goodacre is an actor, known for Tomorrowland: A World Beyond (2015), Descendants (2015) and Zapped (2014).





Mauro Borrelli

The incredible director, concept artist and production designer Mauro Borrelli will be at KFX 2017 for The Okanagan Cast and Crew screening of his film, The Recall by Minds Eye Entertainment. Mauro is known for his work on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006), Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007). For more about this incredible artist check out his website at

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Lisa Ovies

Lisa Ovies is an award winning producer, director and actress currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. She originally trained at Vancouver Film School in 2002 for documentary film, production and screenwriting; as well as received a scholarship in 2006 to Columbia Academy of Broadcasting where she excelled in her field. In 2008 she began pursuing her love of acting by attending the full time program at Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts and in June 2011, she launched the film company I No.Films. Since then, she received a full scholarship to Women in the Directors Chair to train in the art department, and most recently received a scholarship to Chicago Second City where she spent the better part of the summer of 2014 working on her improv and sketch writing. In 2014 she also had her directorial debut with the comedy ‘I Wanna Date U’ and her feature film “Taking My Parents to Burning Man” took home audience choice awards at the Sonoma International Film Festival, the Newport Beach Film Festival and the Maui Film Festival. In 2016 she directed her first feature film, the comedic slasher ‘Puppet Killer, and launched her agency ANFAgency, which represents some of Canada’s top talent for conventions and personal appearances. Lisa is also the owner of Rogue Studios, a studio space in Vancouver that is home to 2 production companies, an improv school and a children’s acting school.







John Delaney

John Delaney is an Emmy Award winning storyboard artist, director, designer, animator and comic book artist with over 20 years of experience in live action production and both 2D & 3D animation as well as Gaming. John’s client list is extensive and includes MGM, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Hanna-Barbera, Disney, Nelvana and Klasky Csupo to name just a few.

As well, John is also a respected animation designer and director and in a freelance capacity has performed these duties for North America’s top studios, including, Nelvana, Cinar, Studio B Productions, Nickelodeon, DIC, FunBag, Fred Wolfe Productions, Bardel Entertainment and World Wide Biggies.

For the past 17 years John has worked freelance as a comic book artist for DC Comics and Bongo Comics. He has penciled a wide variety of characters such as Superman, Batman, WonderWoman and the Justice League as well as Dexter’s Laboratory, Scooby-Doo, Futurama, and The Simpsons.

He was the penciller for the entire run of Adventures in the DC Universe (including covers) as well as the Superman VS Lobo one shot and several issues of Justice League Adventures as well as many covers for the JLAdvs. He has designed covers for JLA and Scooby Doo.

Front Page_John


Ed Brisson

We were thrilled to have him for KFX 2016, and now he’s back for the 2017 event! Ed Brisson is a comic book writer who has worked with both Marvel and DC comics, and created the series Murder Book.

Be sure to get your tickets for Kelowna Fan Xpo 2017 on March 25th to see Ed, who is currently working on the new Bullseye and Iron Fist series!


Kurtis Wiebe

We are happy to announce Kurtis Wiebe, writer and creator of Rat Queens, will be a guest at KFX 2017! Kurtis is also known for Debris, Peter Panzerfaust and Grim Leaper. Fans of D&D and other D20 games will definitely enjoy the unique take that Rat Queens has on the fantasy adventure concept!






Andy Rae

andy rae

Andy Rae is a costume designer from small town British Columbia, Canada. She has been cosplaying for two years and has become totally immersed in the amazing cosplay community, making so many close friends along the way. She specializes in armor construction and has created several large scale armor builds using a thermoplastic material called Worbla. Even though she has only been in the cosplay community for a short time, she has already won several awards for her craftsmanship and has become an international cosplayer, doing guest spots at cons all over North America.

Sakura Elric

Sakura Elric has been cosplaying since 2008 and makes the majority of her own costumes and props. She earned her first award at Anime Revolution 2016, taking the Judges Choice for her sparkly costume of Syu from Show By Rock. She mostly cosplays from anime, and absolutely loves making idol costumes. With every costume she takes on, she aims to learn something new and expand her skill set. You can find her online on Facebook under Sakura Elric-Cosplayer.


Gladzy Kei

Gladzy Kei is a highly talented artist and cosplayer, designing new and cool interpretations of your favourite characters and bringing them to life in costume form. Cosplaying everything from superheroes, Disney characters and anime favourites, Gladzy is a true multi-talent!



Bethany McNab

Actress-Cosplayer-Artist Bethany McNab from Vancouver will be at KFX 2017. Bio and details on her new web series coming soon!


Camilla Courts


This talented local cosplayer makes Disney themed costumes for herself and her daughter! You may recgonize them from several recent features in the media on them, and as the photography booth at 2016’s Kelowna Fan Xpo. Take the chance to meet them in person on March 25th!


Make-Up Artists

Hailey Sabourin

Hailey Sabourin is a gifted actress, cosplayer and aspiring make-up artist who will have a Make-Up Artistry booth and contribute to a panel at KFX 2017.  You can see Hailey this season in Macbeth and Yeti-The Untold Story Of The Abominable Snow Monster. She is also our designated “Hermoine” in our Harry Potter Improv Film Nights.  Follow her on her page Hailey Sabourin Make-up.

Hosts & Performers

PJ Phil Guerro

Phil Guerrero is best known as “PJ Phil” the original Host for the Zone during the 90’s. If you were a fan of the “Power Rangers,” “Sailor Moon” or “Are you Afraid of the Dark?” in Canada, Phil most likely guided you through those shows on the Zone for years. Whether he was teaming up with Warren, Snit or a human he made afternoons after school memorable and fun. Check out more about our fan favorite from KFX 2016 at

New Vintage Theatre -Marvel vs. DC Improv Battle

New Vintage Theatre’s crack team of improvisers, the gang behind last year’s hit Star Wars vs. Star Trek battle will bring you an epic battle of improvaganza proportions–Marvel vs. DC. They have just seven minutes, $7 to spend, 7 cast members and 70 minutes of rehearsal time and then the throw down happens on the big stage.