KFX 2019 Starts in...


Thank You Kelowna!

Thank you to the over 5000 who attended KFX 2018!
See you in Kelowna on March 22-24, 2019 for another weekend of fantastic pop culture performance, screenings, artists, gaming, anime and more.
Tickets on sale July 1.

Kelowna Fan Experience

Kelowna’s very own festival of pop culture!

New Vintage Theatre is ready to party! KFX (Kelowna Fan Experience) is an annual event that will transport the interior of BC to a world of superheroes, film, comics, manga/anime, Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror, gaming, performance, and more. Once again The Rotary Centre For The Arts, Kelowna Community Theatre, Black Box Theatre and Okanagan Regional Library Downtown will be playing host to this unique show.

Check out our cool contests!

Cosplay, Masquerade, Video Game Tournament and Lip Sync Battle!


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