Main Attractions

Live Performances

Superstar – Starring Sharron Matthews

“She owns the stage and everyone who dares look her way” – The Scotsman (Scotland)

“Capable of selling any song like it is prime downtown real estate” – John Coulbourne, Toronto Sun

“Sharron Matthews is perfection” – Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

“Sharron Matthews is like a champagne cocktail….one with extra fizz.” – Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator

Kelowna Community Theatre 7:00 pm – Friday, March 22, 2019

“One Man Walking Dead” with Mark MEER

Mark Meer expertly takes on all eight seasons of the AMC TV series … nothing is off limits in One Man Walking Dead… Meer contorts his face, body and voice to bring each character to life, sometimes in impressive split-second switches… get ready to hoot and holler. – Orlando Sentinel

Kelowna Community Theatre 8:00 PM – Saturday, March 23, 2019

Game of Clones-Live Soap Opera by New Vintage Theatre
Improv Film Battle-Alien vs ET by New Vintage Theatre
Live Dungeons & Dragons by New Vintage Theatre
NiceQuest-Podcast by Fred Skeleton Theatre


Okanagan Cast & Crew Premiere-Daughter Of The Wolf-Minds Eye Entertainment
Taking My Parents To Burning Man-Joel McCarthy
Inconceivable-Web Series-Joel McCarthy
Tales From The Rez-Telly James
Edge City-Doug Brown
Crunchy Roll Anime Screening Room

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Cosplay Contest
Kids & Families Cosplay Contest
LEGO Kids Building Contest
Lip Sync Battle
Face Off
KFX Has Talent
KFX Cosplay Runway
Videogame Tournament

Video Game Tournaments

Test your gaming skills with a pair of awesome tournaments!

  •  Mario Kart Tournament
  • Super Smash Bros. Tournament

Black Box Theatre – Retro Lounge

Crunchy Roll Anime Screening Room

Crunchy Roll Anime Screening Room is your destination for all of your anime needs.   Rotary Centre for the Arts

Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle is on!   Kelowna Community Theatre

Improv Battle – Alien vs. E.T.

Who will make you lol the loudest in this Alien vs. E.T. Battle featuring pro improvisors from New Vintage Theatre. Rotary Centre for the Arts – Mary Irwin Theatre

Dungeons and Dragons – Live!

Dungeons & Dragons – cast a spell and win with this live performance of the legendary game. Rotary Centre for the Arts – Mary Irwin Theatre

Food Trucks!

We hope you’re hungry because we’ve cast the net far and wide for the best food truck cuisine around! Rotary Centre for the Arts