Information for Exhibitors

KFX is looking for artists, vendors, businesses and community groups interested in the arts, technology, fan culture and education to be a part of our annual celebration. KFX is a family, all-ages event, therefore we will not accept applications from exhibitors whose work or products promote hatred, drug/alcohol use or abuse, or sexually explicit material. KFX has the right to refuse any group or vendor who may not fit with the perimeters of our event. KFX will be accepting applications on a first come, first served basis. Those that complete the application and pay first, as well as fitting the guidelines of our event, will have the first opportunity to get tables. There is a limited number of tables available for this event. KFX only accepts payment by cheque, cash, money order, or email transfer at this time. Submit signed and scanned copies of both documents to: info@kelownafx.com or by mail to: New Vintage Theatre / KFX 925 Paret Crescent Kelowna, BC  V1W 4X8