Guest Announcements: Puppichu and Andy Rae cosplay!

We are honoured to announce that Puppichu and Andy Rae will be returning this year to judge our cosplay contest.



Puppichu has been cosplaying and competing in Western Canada and the USA for around 4 years. Her costumes are handmade and come from a variety of video games, Japanese anime, and American animations. Although she has cosplayed from many of these different genres, she is most known for her cosplays from League of Legends and has been featured with Riot Games multiple times. Her crafting styles include sewing, EVA foam armour construction, and prop making.


Andy Rae

andy rae

Andy Rae is a costume designer from small town British Columbia, Canada. She has been cosplaying for two years and has become totally immersed in the amazing cosplay community, making so many close friends along the way. She specializes in armor construction and has created several large scale armor builds using a thermoplastic material called Worbla. Even though she has only been in the cosplay community for a short time, she has already won several awards for her craftsmanship and has become an international cosplayer, doing guest spots at cons all over North America.