Muninn’s Post

muninn2The Vikings are coming! Well, their bar at least. We asked Siobhan (pronounced “Shi­Vorn”) and Leagh to tell us something about themselves and their bar.

“Siobhan and Leagh Jennings­Bates, as lovers of Norse mythology, Sci­Fi, Fantasy, videogames, boardgames, beer, coffee, and fantastic food decided to combine all those things into one big project: Muninn’s Post.

We wanted to create a unique alternative social atmosphere for the people who don’t love going to the typical neighbourhood joint. We personally love getting together and playing a boardgame with our closest friends, and the odd stranger, and sometimes its nice to get out too, but we hate going to overpriced sports bars, and nightclubs are strictly for the occasional metal show; hence, Muninn’s Post.

muninn3So, why Norse influenced? Leagh and I both listen to a lot of metal, much of which is “vikingish,” and this has cultivated an interest in Scandinavian history and culture. Aside from being extremely badass in general and having some incredible tales, their society loved drinking, feasting, and having a good time (and why wouldn’t they?). They had diverse culinary offerings because, not only were they farmers, but great fishermen and hunters as well, and of course they were passionate about a good drink too.

The name: Muninn is one of Odin’s two ravens that fly around the world; she is the raven of memory. Memory is one of the most important things we share as a species. It isn’t all about living in the now, sometimes you need to simplify life and we are trying to create a space where that is more possible.”